Offender Toronto made especially female victims

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The driver of the van that Monday, ten pedestrians killed and fifteen others injured during a wild ride through Toronto that may have done so out of resentment against women. That appears, at least from the first elements of the investigation.

“It is correct to say that the victims, especially women,” said researcher Graham Gibson at a press conference. Their age varies from mid twenty to eighty years. Among others, the young Canadian Anne Marie D’amico came to life. According to family members survived also Dorothy Sewell (80) the attack is not.

A few minutes before he started his slaughter wrote prime suspect Alek Minassian in addition, “a mysterious message” on Facebook, confirmed Gibson.

Facebook wiped out his account as soon as his identity bekendraakte. The social network said to news agency AFP that it ” works closely with the authorities’.

But various Canadian media were still in it to take a screenshot of a message which Minassian said that ‘the rebellion of ‘incel’ started’. Facebook confirmed that that post really was.

‘Incel’ is an abbreviation in English for “involuntary celibates”, which allows men who unwillingly celibate life, because they are rejected by women.

Chads and Stacys

‘The incelrevolutie has already begun! We will use the Chads and Stacys collapse, ” she said in the Facebookpost. With Chads and Stacys are respectively men and women who have regular sexual contact could have meant in the world of ‘incels’.

In addition, praises Minassian Elliot Rodger: “long Live the Supreme Gentleman Elliot Rodger!’ Rodger shot in 2014 six people dead at the university of Santa Barbara and, ultimately, themselves. During the massacre made Rodger a video in which he explained that he women wanted to punish because they’re avoided, and how jealous he was on men that are more successful. In the video, he described himself as the ‘supreme gentleman (the perfect gentleman).

The police in Toronto warned, however, premature conclusions. “We have no evidence that effectively demonstrates that he only women,” said Gibson. Minassian was on Tuesday accused of tenfold murder.

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