Mieke van der Weij: ’MAX no silly games’

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Nieuwspresentator Mieke van der Weij is glad that she at omroep Max is ended. That she says in the magazine HP/De tijd.

Mieke van der Weij

It is omroepbaas Jan Slagter in the leaf to let you know that the people from the team of AVROTROS with Mieke van der Weij, Peter de Bie came, very nice find at MAX. “They fall of their chair, so fun is here.”

Van der Weij confirms that there is at Max a piece familiairder crazy. “Here comes Jan just. In all the years that I Nieuwsshow presented, I have the director of AVROTROS never on the shop floor seen. Even the head radio never came.”


According to the presenter, the organization. “It is a flatter organisation, if you compare it with a large, merged broadcaster as AVROTROS. There is a huge hierarchy. At the top sits the director, including the media director, including, you have a main radio, and there is still a layer between pushed with a head Radio 1 programmes. That is very different than here.”

Van der Weij also like the fact that they know where they stand. “You have not the feeling that there is all silly games behind your back to be played, as I’ve noticed in that whole Nieuwsshow-state. It is not that they are the one to say, but actually something very different have concocted.”


Mieke van der Weij, Peter de Bie presented already for 21 years The Nieuwsshow, one of the best listened to programmes on Radio 1, when Peter de Bie last year on non-active was made by AVROTROS because of a breach of trust. Mieke van der Weij announced on its turn, to stop when she is no longer with The Bie, if present. Omroep MAX-boss Jan Slagter had then already know that he is the whole show wants to hire.

The NPO decided later that year that it is important that the program and the duo remains intact that omroeppolitieke interests have to give. Thus reached the presentatieduo unique: normally to move only presenters to another broadcaster, but almost never go to their show, or they keep their old time slot.

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