Meek Mill in a daze after release

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Meek Mill can still barely believe that he was free. “I’m still in a daze, it is unbelievable, but fantastic,” says the rapper Tuesday a few hours after his release across the New York Post.

Meek Mill

“I had always confidence in that it would turn out, but I didn’t know when that would happen and I would be free,” says the musician. “It seemed that the even months would take.” The 30-year-old made style carry for his release. The owner of basketball team the Philadelphia 76’ers flew him by helicopter to a race.

The most beautiful of his departure from the prison for the rapper’s reunion with his 6-year-old son, Papi. He has the little boy, barely seen over the past months, because he didn’t want Papi to his father in the prison saw it. “He is on 13 may birthday and asks me all the time how we are going to celebrate,” said Meek. “When I got stuck, I was able to him there is no answer to give. Now I have all the time for him.”

Meek was five months for violating the terms of his probation. He was in november sentenced to two to four years in prison. He is early released because of a scandal with the police, where questionable actions by multiple agents has come to light. The agent who the rapper arrested and testified in his trial on a list of politiemedewerkers whose reliability is questioned.

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