Mass graves discovered in Rwanda

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KIGALI – In Rwanda are four mass graves discovered. There are probably victims buried from the genocide in 1994, message of the BBC.

On one of the hills of the capital of Kigali is the memorial place for the dead, the Kigali Genocide Memorial Center.

Volunteers from an organisation for survivors of the genocide came, the graves on the trail after a tip. A woman at that time it had seen how bodies were dumped. In the area near the capital Kigali disappeared during the genocide of about 3000 people. Residents suspect that their bodies may be in the mass graves are. So far, about two hundred bodies found.

Survivors of the genocide have been exposing taken at the graves. “I have information that my parents are killed, and in one of these mass graves have been dumped,” said a woman at the Rwandan newspaper The New Times. “I hope that the clothes can identify who wore them when they left. I want to know that they are here so I them a decent burial.”

During the genocide in Rwanda came in 100 days time, 800,000 people to life. Hutu militias brought Tutsi’s and moderate Hutu’s to life.

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