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Marc Wilmots reacts sharply on the complaint of Thibaut and Thierry Courtois after the decision about perslekken

02779b9032b57af10c14ad5644529635 - Marc Wilmots reacts sharply on the complaint of Thibaut and Thierry Courtois after the decision about perslekken

Marc Wilmots on Wednesday, through his lawyer Walter Van Steenbrugge, for the first time responded to the complaint that, Thibaut and Thierry Courtois against him have submitted.

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Former Dutch national team coach Marc Wilmots said on 23 april in an interview with the French tv station BeInSports that French journalists told him that Thierry Courtois, father of goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois during the european CHAMPIONSHIPS 2016 information about the attitude of the Red Devils was leaking. A day later applied for Thibaut Courtois and his father Thierry a legal case against Wilmots for libel, slander and defamation of character.

Now responding Wilmots, via his lawyer Walter Van Steenbrugge. “Marc Wilmots said that French journalists claimed that they can prove that the leak of the ploegopstelling was the work of the father of Thibaut Courtois and that in that case, that attitude of not a lot of respect, testified before the homeland,” clarified Van Steenbrugge. “Now hold various media for that Marc Wilmots that statement itself has stated, what is manifest is incorrect and does not correspond with the literal reproduction of the interview. This assertion in the mouth of Marc Wilmots is therefore wrong and harmful to my client. Moreover, this claim is also already given rise to a lot of additional negative comments, especially on social media, which is very offensive to my client.”

Of Steenbrugge that Thibaut and Thierry Courtois, no complaint to lodge against Wilmots, but against the journalists of L’equipe TV. “As a father and son Courtois believe criminal charges should resign because of these sayings, at least according to them, are untrue, then they should, of course, to turn to the French journalists who proclaimed during a broadcast of Equipe TV, and by extension to the journalists that these interviews have wrong views and those who blindly and wrongly have taken over.”

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