Man gives bomb gift to miss out on function

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NEW DELHI – The Indian police has a software developer held a colleague for his wedding a designer had given in which a bomb was. The police said that Punjilal Meher the mother of the groom wanted to take. She was a fellow of the software developer and had a job that Meher himself had in mind.

The bomb exploded when Soumya Sekhar and Reema Sahu in February, a reception in the eastern town of Patnagarh held a few days after the place of their marriage. A gift that was delivered, exploded directly in the open. The groom and an 85-year-old female family member were killed. The bride injured. The mother of the groom, the real target of the attack, survived the explosion.

After the attack began, the police extensive investigation, but it was only this week was Meher was arrested. At the transmitter, Odisha police said that Meher the bomb themselves had set, and without the knowledge of others had acted.

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