Macron in US: that the world is not the back

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WASHINGTON – The president of france Emmanuel Macron, the Americans called not to turn away from the world. He pointed out that politicians in a speech to the U.s. Congress on the critical role their country has played in “creating and guarding the free world as we know it now.”

Macron brings a three-day visit to the US and met, among others, American president Donald Trump, with whom he is familiar seem to be able to. Nevertheless, the French leader often have different views than their American counterparts, for example, about the climate deal in Paris, the desire of Trump for American troops to withdraw from Syria.

Macron said on Wednesday told Congress that it can be tempting to isolationism and nationalism as a temporary solution for our fears.” “But the door to the world will close the evolution of the world does not stop,” warned the French president, who is in trouble called for the international community is facing. He referred to nuclear weapons, social inequality and climate change.

’We kill the planet’

The president called upon his audience in the eyes not to close for such a “new risks.” “The strengthening of our cooperation is the only option,” said Macron, who further warned of the consequences of polluting the oceans and destroying biodiversity. “We kill the planet. We must face it: There is no planet B”, he said.

President Trump said earlier to look to the speech of his colleague. “He will be fantastic,” predicted Trump on Twitter.

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