Love and sorrow in Alloo and the love

a9dc0321dee7142cb330a29401fe56d8 - Love and sorrow in Alloo and the love

Yuri (27) and René (28) 2 young guys. They have grown up together, and for 25 years the best of friends. The are two sporty guys who love fitness and a healthy lifestyle. On their coffee table is the handbook of young singles ‘Think And Grow Rich’. Single, because the men have at this moment no girlfriend. Luckily they have each other. “A good friend is better than a relationship”, says René, “Yuri will make me never let them.” Yuri is six month ago, dumped by his girlfriend and asks really wonder what the added value is of love. Yet they feel the pressure, because “for your 30th you are settled, right?”. Their friendship prevails. They have also at the same place, the same tattoo: a pink flamingo. But they are not ‘for men’.

Martin is an artist. His favorite model is his girlfriend Bianca. Although they differ 30 years in age, yet they are already four years together. They met on the street. He invited her to look at his paintings to look at, and one thing led to another. Four days per week, they live together. “The basis for a good relationship,” says Bianca, “it keeps it all interesting, you have a lot to say against each other”. Despite the age difference, they see their life without each other. Martin: “I have the sometimes tricky with that age difference, much more difficult than Bianca.” After a year did Martin van Bianca a nude painting. But he has still not offered for sale.

Luk meets Benoit, a young writer who with four friends in a hall of residence. After his last relationship he wants to now stay single. He wants no promises more to women, because he does not like the obligations. “I want my sentence to do.” Benoit admits that he is in his last relationship, stupid things. Because he was the press felt, he did impulsively say the wrong things. Now, he has occasionally a stormy night with a girl. Also, there are sometimes feelings in to the top, but it refuses to Benoit.
Ronny (48) has the serious disease IF and is deteriorating rapidly. His wife, Sonja (62) tries to get him as much as possible, also now he is already a month in the hospital. They realize both that Ronny never go home any more will return, except to die. When he made the first symptoms got, he waited too long to see a doctor. Now he can hardly move. “But he continues to fight, like a lion,” says Sonja, “he does that for me.” Their love story is quite unique. Sonja is the sister of Ronny’s first wife. On her deathbed asked the sister to Sonja for Ronny. That she did, and the spark ignites.

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