‘Liv Tyler was conceived after rescue from it’

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Her mother had to the identity of Liv’s father for years to keep that a secret.

The mother of Liv Tyler, Bebe Buell, is convinced that the actress is being processed after her father had rescued from it in New York. Bebe had a relationship with the musician Todd Rundgren and stayed with friends in New York when her good friend Steven Tyler called and asked if they could retrieve.

“It was 3 o’clock in the morning when Steven called and said,” Bebe, come pick me up. I am in the Pierre hotel and I can’t walk anymore. I am the only white in this room!'” she tells the magazine Rolling Stone.

“I thought that he really could deal, but he said, ‘No, you’ve missed it, they can do much more drugs than I’. So I went there, knocked on the door and ended up in a room full of gigantic tall man. Steven could not get up, and luckily I had just a firefighter training so that I Steven on could lift and was able to take to our friends. When we have him there in the tub laid. Eventually he woke up and I’m convinced that that evening, Liv.”

Bebe, her ex, Todd, and Steven decided to take the identity of Liv’s real father a secret to keep until she was 18. She grew up with the belief that Todd is her father.

“We made a deal that Todd is her father would be and if it’s ever a problem, we would have to tell her when she was 18,” says Bebe, “but the fate had something else in mind. Liv already had an idea who her real father was when she 9 was, but it was only when she was 11 confronted me with it. I couldn’t against her lie and told her the truth.”

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