Lawyer: ‘Van Persie is a real big one, hear’

a8092eae14cebd2840c7dfc48325433e - Lawyer: 'Van Persie is a real big one, hear'

by Robin Jongmans

Giovanni van Bronckhorst and Dick Advocaat.

The 70-year-old coach of Sparta marginalized his importance for the man who, since a Lawyer in mid-February 2016 for a number of months bijsprong after a dramatic series of seven defeats, has grown into the most successful Club coach ever in prijzenaantal. He has all praise for Van Bronckhorst and just as much as for Robin van Persie.

Lawyer enjoyed the post that the attacker Feyenoord at 0-2 sat in the cup final. It was the umpteenth confirmation of the tremendous qualities that he during their shared season with the Turkish Fenerbahçe (2016/17), almost daily under eyes got. “It’s exactly like Fenerbahçe”, says Lawyer. “In the matches that he did join in, like against Galatasaray (2-0, both goals From the fa cup) and Besiktas (1-0, Van Persie), we won and he scored the same. If he is fit, he is still a violence, that you could in training with us. If he is gradually getting fitter… I have a lot of great players, but he is a real big one, though.”

Without for robin Van Persie to want to speak, understand, Advocate the struggle, where the attacker is about to competitions, after twelve years of Premier League and Champions League. “It took so much force. When you see how his body is doing, since I really had a lot of respect for. He did really everything for. He must make a decision about his future. He is wise enough to know what he wants.”

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