Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom together again

1471bf754625b6e5290097afc4ba7914 - Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom together again

“I am very happy!”, tells Katy Perry proud about her again aangewakkerde relationship with Orlando Bloom. For a long time things went there were rumors that the two would be together, but the singer will now finally have the confirmation.

Katy Perry

In an American Idol interview turns Perry no longer about the facts when asked about the current status of their relationship. “Yes, I have actually a partner at this time. He makes me very happy.” Orlando and the singer went last year, but that turned out to be of short duration. The two flirt been a while on social media and have been several times spotted.

In February of this year, sources close to the couple with the news that Katy and Orlando together again. That is now finally confirmed. It is now only wait until the two together for the first time on the red carpet appear, the unwritten Hollywood law to announce to of fixed relationships.

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