’Kanye West is heading for new slump’

a580d716544d899c5808e9678de27a54 - ’Kanye West is heading for new slump’

People from the surroundings of Kanye West would worry about the rapper. On the American media tell insiders that friends and business associates of Kanye fear that he is heading for a slump.

’Kanye West has regular temper tantrums and makes everyone fight’

On Tuesday it became known that the musician his manager Scooter Braun on the side. He was one of the two people that Kanye is business friendly. The other manager, Izzy Zivkovic, received a few weeks ago the bag. According to People, the musician with less people contact, and he would both are business partners as good friends shut out.

Kanye recently announced several new music projects, and is there according to the insiders, the obsessive doing. That would lead to rage attacks. During a studio session, he would last all present, the skin full of have abused and declared that he put all his affairs himself went to arrange. According to The Blast is the dismissal of managers of it. Kanye would have required that they give their other customers problems and focused entirely on him would focus, what the two refused.

According to one of the insiders is sleeping Kanye barely and bombarded everyone in his vicinity with text messages about his music, to which he immediately answers expected. Also with mother-in-law Kris Jenner would he a few times already considerable hassle they have had. His inimitable tweets of the past week would be environment in addition to concern.

The rapper was in 2016 included because of a mental breakdown. According to his spokesman at the time, was caused by exhaustion.

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