Kanye West: I love Trump, he is my brother

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Kanye West is still a follower of Donald Trump. In a series of messages on Twitter calling the rapper the American president, his friend.

“You don’t need it with Trump to agree with you, but you can’t avoid that I don’t love him. We both have drakenenergie. He is my brother,” writes Kanye. “I love everyone even if I disagree with what everyone is doing. That’s what makes us individuals. And we have the right to independent thinking.”

“My wife called me and she wants me to once again clearly make”, tweeted Kanye moment later. “I don’t agree with everything Trump does. I am the only one hundred percent agree with myself.” The rapper shared his vast flow, also a selfie in which he is a Make America Great Again-ace of Trump wears.

No one less than Trump himself responded later in the first tweet from Kanye. He quoted the message and thanked the rapper. “Very cool”, wrote the president there.


Trump and Kanye met in december 2016 in New York. Kanye then wanted to talk about “multicultural issues” and let Twitter know it is important to find the ’right to communicate’ with the president. Later seemed like Kanye less enamored of the president when he had his pro-Trump-tweets deleted.

Kanye since his return on Twitter last week, hardly the way to save on the social medium. He shared widely his philosophical wisdom in the field of music, politics and life in general. Many of the tweets went immediately viral and earned the rapper tens of thousands of comments on them. Some followers think that Kanye still has a plan to Trump as president. The rapper put before his presidential plans in the refrigerator, but this week alluded, he yet again to. Wednesday tweeted he still the numerals ’2024’ is a reference to the year in which he must be chosen.

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