Is this the new love of Natalia?

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Tv Family picks up this week with the story that Natalia may be a new love would have. The singer was earlier this month in Barbados, she is often of the beautiful weather to enjoy. Nothing wrong with it, she has through the years also worked hard and her ass may shake. The Oevelse singer was during her stay in Barbados a number of times in the picture with a man and did that on Tv Family ring a bell: Natalia of the street? On one of the photos on Instagram, we see Natalia on a grows cooked palm tree while a young man, a selfie. But who is this young man? However, it’s going to Michael Volckerick from Antwerp, a man who in Tv Family says he was a therapist and that Natalia one of his customers. The man claims that Natalia already a number of times on his services profession has done and that they have each other so have to get to know. Michael is a therapist in shiatsu, deep tissue and complex relaxation and so he learned to Natalia so know. According to Volckerick he has no relationship with Natalia. “She is one of the coolest, liefdste, friendliest women I know. And if there ever really anything between us, then we would not under chairs or sofas stitches, I think. But for all clarity: ’t is not something I hope. We come just very good match and laugh and zwanzen. Pure fun. Nothing more, nothing less,” Michael says in the new Tv Family.

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