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Iran’s Central Bank prohibits crypto-currencies

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The Iranian Central Bank prohibits use of the banks and financial institutions of the country to crypto-currencies. This is the state-run news Agency reported last Sunday. With the decision, you would take action in the first place against money laundering, according to a press release. At the same time the fall in the value of its own currency, the Iranian Rial, a ground-breaking role-playing games is, however, likely. The Iranian Rial devalued for weeks solid.

The Hesitation has come to an end: After the Iranian Rial lost on the international foreign exchange markets hard setbacks of the last almost half of its value, passes through the Central Bank of the country. As the state news Agency reported last Sunday, currencies prohibits the Central Bank of Iran, the CBI, the banks in the country now, the use of Crypto. The decision is tantamount to a ban on the Iranian crypto-users. Officially they were there to counter the criminal potential of currency alternatives.

It is said in the message:

“Virtual currencies can be used for money laundering, terrorist financing and the exchange of sums of money between Criminal.”

Furthermore, the Central Bank a concrete action due to lack of state supervision:

“Bitcoin is not subject to ordering rules nor the legal framework of any country and no government or Bank in the world to be monitored or controlled by him.”

The prohibition marked a sharp turning point for the crypto-users in the country. In the course of the past year Iran had taken currencies, first of all, a hesitant attitude towards Crypto, in the country of the audience to enjoy. Several times had expressed to want to regulate take of a prohibition is, however, up to here apart.

More against the wind at the beginning of the month was, however, in the course of the Telegram-ICOs. Criticism expressed about Hassan Firouzabadi of the Iranian High Council for Cyberspace. He threw the Telegram, a danger to the Iranian economy and display the Rial to undermine.

Gamechanger nuclear deal: Rial in the crisis

The Central Bank has now, however, the rigorous step-by-wrestled, is a two-edged economic situation of the country. Although Iran is convinced currently with a view to indicators of the economic wachsums and economic development. Uncertainty about the Situation in the country particularly in the Wake of the offensive foreign policy of President Ruhanis plans of Western investment, however, unheeded.

The unequal distribution of wealth attracts, rather, since this year again thousands on the road and drives the population to non-state payment alternatives, like Bitcoin.

However, the currency groans currently under heavy load. For weeks, the Iranian Rial devalued on the international foreign exchange markets against the US Dollar massively. The most probable reason for the bottom of the potential is called the resumption of currently suspended U.S. sanctions on the Oil of the Gulf country.

Until may, these are on ice, however, for Iran ground-breaking decision to make: to the Americans on the international nuclear agreement with Iran.

Currently, EU members are negotiating under the leadership of Germany and France with the U.S. President and promote the use of Trump in the election campaign repeatedly and publicly rejected the Deal.

Iran, probably in spite of the maintenance of the agreement and a Lack of new Oil sanctions, the American dark omens threatening, hinting, however, at the end of March. So, the Europeans could bring as a concession to Trumps Iran-criticism of new sanctions on the way.

Tehran is more likely to meet with great concern. That the Iranian citizens could escape the effects of the currency collapse with Bitcoin & co. and, ultimately, to self-ignite, such excuses Tehran moves this week, now the bolt.

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