Indictment of Russell Simmons repealed

7057db3c524142507ba055e7cd701612 - Indictment of Russell Simmons repealed

A woman who is a music producer Russell Simmons accused of sexual abuse, her complaint withdrawn. According to The Hollywood Reporter, is that after consultation between both parties happened. If a settlement is reached, is not clear.

Russell Simmons

Jennifer Jarosik did in January, a report of abuse by Simmons. He would have her in 2016 at home have been raped. At the beginning of this month put the music producer the counter. He asserted, inter alia, that the woman has mental problems and that she voluntary had sex.

For Simmons is the stocking is not finished. The muziekondernemer by several other women accused of abuse. Last month it was announced that an unnamed woman a compensation of $ 10 million from Simmons demands. The woman would be by the music producer have been raped.

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