In Bavaria come kruisbeelden in the public buildings

a3fc4834d47972e7411d97f83497254f - In Bavaria come kruisbeelden in the public buildings

The conservative government of the state of Bavaria has decided that, in all the buildings of the government crosses will hang.

To show that in Bavaria, christianity determines the norms and values in the country, the government decided in June in the entrance of each public building is a crucifix to hang. In its communication, the government says the crucifix, if the expression is of the historic and cultural character of Bavaria, is the symbol of the basic values of the legal and social order in Bavaria and Germany.

A few months ago, said the chairman of the CSU, the Bavarian conservative zusterpartij of But CDU, that the islam not to Germany. Horst Seehofer, who is now the German minister of the Interior has become, has proposed to the voters to win back to Alternative für Deutschland are gone. The Bavarian CSU is establishing itself strongly on the theme of refugees, islam and integration.

There is much criticism on the decision of the Bavarian government. The chairman of the liberal FDP, Christian Lindner, wrote on Twitter that he meets the Turkish president Erdogan must be thinking when he sees how the CSU faith for political purposes bet.

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