Guru gets life sentence for abuse

4003205f193252ffd5acf7fabbfe22b2 - Guru gets life sentence for abuse

NEW DELHI – The 77-year-old Indian guru Asaram Bapu is found by a court in India to a life sentenced for the rape of a sixteen-year-old devotee in 2013, reported the newspaper Times of India. Two other persons were in the same case twenty years imprisonment.

It is the second guru in a fairly short time, those found guilty of rape. In August last year got Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh twenty years in prison for abusing two female followers.

Asaram Bapu was shortly after the offence, get caught, and is since fixed. He has denied. The girl has him accused of abuse when they him, together with her mother visited in his residence in Jodhpur. The parents of the victim have always been a follower of the guru.

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