Groningen keep Doan off the hands of Manchester City

f202d17c3c5234701a94e8c7f463f897 - Groningen keep Doan off the hands of Manchester City

by Robin Jongmans

Ritsu Doan

That way would City (part) owner of Doan. It knew that Groningen steggelde with the substantial investment, which the club sporting long and wide was convinced that he would be worth. The English champion to him hengelde – even if it appears to the Pride of the North, mainly as a polite offer of the club of which the Mexican Uriel Antuna rent – is another signal that the city of Groningen, with the small midfielder is a future goldmine. Doan is now until mid-2021 fixed in Groningen.

Own power

Technical manager Ron Jans confirms the offer of the City on Doan. “But we now have everything in hand. We have said that we really liked that they offered, but we do it on our own strength. The band with the City is positive,” says Jans.

City saw in him one of the many talents on the European fields where in the future, you had to earn. But, Groningen has the Japanese entirely on his own power, redeemed by his club, Gamba Osaka, of which he is this season was hired. All profits made in the future on him is made, flows directly to the wallet of the club, so is assured.

World cup

Doan made this season, eight goals in 27 duels, and may new hope at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS. The Japanese bond dismissed this month, the Bosnian Vahid Hahilhodzic, and suggested that the Japanese Akira Nishino for the world cup. Where he and Halilhodzic is not in the picture, there is Doan nationally known as the new rising star of Japanese football.

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