Germany attracts billion for Syria

9cb20ff1a766d78c69d9ffd78a503548 - Germany attracts billion for Syria

BERLIN – Germany attracts one billion euro for assistance to the needy population in Syria and Syrian refugees in surrounding countries. Minister of Foreign Affairs, Heiko Maas, has this Wednesday announced.

The minister came up with the publication, on his arrival in Brussels where he had a conference to attend on aid to Syria. In the second half of this year there may be 300 million more. Last week showed the French president Emmanuel Macron know that Paris has 50 million euros in humanitarian aid for Syria pulling out.

At the conference, about eighty countries. At the same meeting last year, Germany was the largest giver. The country has since the beginning of the civil war in Syria in 2012, is already 4.5 billion euros in donor funding donated. ,,Our main priority is the protection of the civilian population,” said Maas.

According to the United Nations 13 million Syrians in urgent need of aid by the war in the country.

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