Full cast of Wrong Friends known

69fdf6c3c4aa95270545280d1d464061 - Full cast of Wrong Friends known

Actresses Tina Brown, Jelka van Houten and Ghent Pheifer make the cast of the RTL5-program Wrong Friends complete. Previously it had been announced that Anne-Marie Jung and Ilse Warringa participate in the female version of False Friends.

Ilse Warringa, Anne-Marie Jung, Tina Brown and Jelka van Houten (v.l.n.r.)

False Friends is the world to see under the name of Impractical Jokers. The netherlands is the first country with a vrouwenversie.

The program is on 17 may for the first time to see. Just as in False Friends sent the friends a for a in all kinds of strange situations by performing tasks. One of them will get a ear in and the other to whisper to her in what she should say or do. A hidden camera captures the reactions of unsuspecting passers-by.

Anne-Marie Jung appeared recently in a golden skirt with matching top on the red carpet of the musical The Color Purple. She told attending media that she is her own styling had been done, but a day later, RTL is known to be a command from the Wrong Friends.

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