Free audiobook Rik van de Westelaken

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Rik van de Westelaken and Carolien Borgers speak both of an audiobook in that gift is given during the Week of the audiobook. The promotional period begins on Wednesday 9 may.

Rik van de Westelaken

The new Wie is de Mol?-presenter Rik van de Westelaken read I can just not get it, the personal story of Sander Verheijen on his twins. The second luisterboekgeschenk is Silence, a short exciting story of thrillerschrijfster Anita Terpstra, read by comedian Carolien Borgers. The gift app is free to download.

The Best Audiobook of the Year is selected by a jury consisting of one hundred lovers of audiobooks. The shortlist consists of five audio books and is at Time for MAX on may 8, on NPO 1 published. A week later, it is known who the winner is.

Popularity increases

The offer of audio books and the popularity of it is increasing sharply. In the past twelve months, there are around 850 new audio books appeared. “A record”, says CEO Huub van de Pol of Luisterhuis, the largest distributor of audiobooks. “For many years, the approximately three hundred titles per year, with no growth. There were only two or three major producers of audio books. In 2016, that changed. Started publishers themselves also audiobooks to produce.”

Lezerssite took last year the organisation of the Week of the Audiobook about of Stichting CPNB. “More and more readers embrace the audiobook. It is no longer just a product for people who don’t or can’t read. Many of our readers see it as an additional option to stories to get at the moments that they have no book can read, While driving for example, or tedious household chores,” says Hebban-editor Soraya Check.

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