FOUR revives thanks to Gert and James

922aa10472d1b278f377b709c54903f0 - FOUR revives thanks to Gert and James

A small opstekertje for Four. Monday night meerden Gert and James again in the shadow of the MAS for a new season of Gert Late Night. The first episode had a very strong start with 278.179 viewers and a solid market share of 24.5% on VVA 18-54. Van Gils and guests took meanwhile, 12.5% of the market share on the same target group. Gert Late Night had his best start so far: the first season began in april 2017 to start with 242.722 viewers and 18.6% on VVA 18-54, in the autumn of 2017 opened the second season with 223.843 viewers and 22.3% on VVA 18-54. It is for Four one of the few good grades. Matchmakers with Jani went off Monday, already considerably down.

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