Faroek Ozgunes responds to Faroek Live

bbb8a46c31db14158a0c0e8d5b5f2278 - Faroek Ozgunes responds to Faroek Live

Tuesday night there was on tv the first Faroek Live, a live opsporingsmagazine. “This was some ten years ago not to be made”, says Faroek Ozgunes in The Interest. “In the past we had to make do with reconstructions or robotfoto of offenders. That were really no children’s drawings, but it is not as accurate as moving images. In the past you had only bewakingsbeelden on VHS, the quality of which after a few times and rewind to the flags. Now film cameras in HD or even in 4K, and also nachtbeelden.” Two seasons ago there was a count done, and when it was found that 42 percent of the cases were resolved. “That is perfectly in line with the “Detection Requested” in the Netherlands. According to the police it would now be 46 percent. I want to clearly say that ‘resolved’ does not mean that all of the offenders behind the bars sit. But they know whom to search.”

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