EU code of conduct have robots in control

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BRUSSELS – Europe sees future in robots, but wants a code of conduct to prevent devices and other ’smart’ technologies damage cause. To the boat not to be missed for the next 2.5 years to 20 billion euro to be invested.

Andrus Ansip

That should be according to the European Commission, the core of a European strategy for the further development of artificial intelligence (AI) in the EU and the legal and ethical challenges involved.

Vice-president Andrus Ansip (digital single market) states that AI, the world just as the steam engine and electricity, the world completely changes. Technologies such as facial recognition, self-propelled cars and drones are already part of our lives and the development of ’thinking’ systems, and moved on. To not leave to go to other countries like the USA and China, the commission shall, on the request of EU leaders by European steps.

The commission draws to start 1.5 billion euros from its research budget, for AI for the period 2018 – 2020, and 500 million from the European Fund for strategic investments for start-ups and AI-projects. Through this fund, better known as the Junckerplan, European guarantees to give steps investors faster and hopes Brussels 2.5 billion euro extra to generate. Brussels also proposes to in the long-term budget of the EU after 2020 money to book for the training of AI experts.

Two weeks ago, signed 24 EU countries, including the Netherlands already have a declaration to work together, including through their research laboratories. They want people to always keep control of machines. The commission presents for the end of the year, ethical guidelines for AI applications.

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