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Ethereum is very weak, Tron Testnet is live

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The crypto market has today achieved early in a 3-month Low, which, however, was abandoned very quickly. Especially Ethereum has lost in the last few weeks in the price, and no longer seems out of the downward trend. The crypto-currency Tron was waiting feverishly for several days to the Launch of the Testnets: For two hours it is now finally live.

The total market capitalisation has fallen to a 3-month Low of close to 251 billion dollars.

This deep phase, however, was only a few hours, so this value is increased again a short time later on $ 270 billion.

The entire market has become extremely volatile, although there is to hear no bad news or regulatory rumors from the international news.

In our opinion, the benefit of just a few investors with a lot of money your Power, and shove almost every day, new capital and pull out it again a short time later. This is the extreme price fluctuations, which we currently see in the market. Small investors are confused as a result more and more and leave the crypto market.

The crypto-currency, Ethereum is on a 3-month Low, below the 400-Dollar mark like. Although there was good news within the Community, such as this project is seen the support of various scale projects through the Etheruem Foundation or the announcement of the Plasma Cash (even if the international critical), does not want to recover the course.

A next important step is the development of Plasma.Plasma should make it possible to process up to one Million transactions per second. With this Upgrade, Ethereum would make a whole other crypto-competitors in the shade.

It is worked with high pressure to the different scaling solutions, however, none of the Upgrades for a specific time horizon. Vitalik Buterin points out that this year, many developments are to be completed, however, he thinks he’s covered, and what the solutions are. Therefore, it remains to be seen how far the respective projects are progressing.

As we already reported, put TRON a really strong rally of the day, and braced herself against the negative trend of the market and was even able to record double-digit price gains. Within the last 24 hours was able to keep the price of Tron only at the starting point of yesterday, however, the signs are positive, it can continue the rally, and the market continues to rise.

The Tron Foundation, announced on Twitter that the Testnet is live and all of the technical requirements to be implemented. The Launch was broadcast live on the screens of the Nasdaq Markets.

Furthermore, it will be tomorrow for a Livestream to introduce the complete Team of the Tron Foundation and further details of the current Development as well as the upcoming is milestones.

In spite of all the euphoria and flights of fancy of the Tron course remains, in our opinion, to be seen whether the great expectations of the investors can actually be satisfied in full. The Launch of the productive Mainnets is provided for the 31.05.2018.

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