Erik the Black: 3FM has a personality’s need

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The ailing NPO 3FM Radio has more appealing dj’s need. With better personalities, the transmitter can potentially turn the tide, thinks radio-icon Erik the Black. “What they can do? They have Edwin Evers buy”, he joked Wednesday at the presentation of his book, 40 peak value.

Erik the Black

“I think that the low market share of the Dutch radio station 3FM has to do with the fact that they are simply too few compelling personality’s and that the people that they had, Gerard Ekdom, Giel Beelen, Coen and Sander are gone. Yes, you can see that this is very important for a radio station.”

The Black gave the first copy of his book to his ex-girlfriend, Angela Groothuizen.

Itself think, Erik, that young people eventually make their way to radio back find. “I think that especially the elderly people in the Netherlands still a lot of fun radio will continue to listen,” he says about his expectations of the future station from scratch. “The young people find another way to their way to music through Spotify or Apple Music. But ultimately, if they are still a little bit tired of herself, and no longer have to playlistjes to make, they yet again just listen to the radio.”

The Black got the first copy of his book Wednesday from the hands of Angela Groothuizen, with whom the ex-radio host in the eighties had a relationship.

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