Donors ‘ conference Syria delivers 3.6 billion on

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BRUSSELS – On the international Syria conference in Brussels is a total of $ 4.4 billion (3.6 billion euros) pledged for humanitarian aid to Syrians, both at home and for care in surrounding countries. That estimate was UN-noodhulpcoördinator Mark Lowcock. He had on a higher amount hoped for.

Mark Lowcock.

He reported that several major donors, including the U.S., no amount known. The US donated in previous years was about a billion dollars. Lowcock praised the great contributions from Germany (1 billion euros) and the United Kingdom (over half a billion). The netherlands proposes to 120 million in 2018.

The UN has this year to 7.3 billion needed for emergency aid, of which about a third for Syria itself and the rest for refugees in countries like Lebanon and Jordan. For 2019 and thereafter, all 3.3 billion dollars pledged.

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