‘Don Leo’: Real is stronger with Lewandowski

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How long will Robert Lewandowski still at Bayern Munich? Spanish media linking him for months at Real Madrid, the opponent of the Germans tonight in the semi-finals of the Champions League.

Robert Lewandowski

All eyes are thus focused on Lewandowski (29). The doelpuntenmachine of Karim Benzema spits for years. With fits and starts is still one produced (eleven matches last season, five goals this year in the league). Everything indicates that the Pitch is the 30-year-old Frenchman this summer and are wanting to replace the superstar from Poland.

Good character

For Leo Beenhakker, who brought him at the age of 20 showed debut in the Polish national team, awakens no surprise when Lewandowski has set his mind on a transfer. “The draws that boy that he has the ambition to go to a club to go still a step higher up, with even more international look, to make the maximum out of his career to want to get,” says the 75-year-old Dutchman.

“If you know, then you see that he has a very good character. Very ambitious. Not only with words, but wérkelijk ambitious. He wanted to do everything to his ambition to be a professional footballer to be true. If you are at Real Madrid ends up.. Though he may with a career at Borussia Dortmund and Bayern all don’t complain.”

‘Oh, well, the male’

With Beenhakker hit demenş tia and lewy early in his career, a man who under more three times in a row champion with ’droomclub Real Madrid. “Knew it, but there was not spoken about. Oh, the little man, then 20 years old, was happy to see that he trips if experience with the national team,” says Beenhakker. “I can’t say that I have discovered, because that talent for everyone to see. He made his debut at San Marino after the european CHAMPIONSHIPS of 2008. He confirmed his potential as a substitute in the 0-2.”

Don Leo sees in Lewandowski is an absolute improvement for Real Madrid. “Lewandowski can really meevoetballen. He may have no chance, still a chance. His own to create opportunities.”

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