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Crypto-currency market suffers a setback, EOS and TRON claim to profits, Bitcoin is relatively stable

270fcd9af1f197bacf98a6e8bda16396 - Crypto-currency market suffers a setback, EOS and TRON claim to profits, Bitcoin is relatively stable

After the cryptocurrency market has been driven in the past few days from the bulls, and consistently green has written, recorded today, Wednesday, a small setback. From the Top 30 by market capitalisation (excluding Tether) can only be recorded EOS and TRON price gains for the last 24 hours. The Bitcoin price remains relatively stable and is only slightly negative.

In recent days, Krypto could make investors once again little wrong. With a few exceptions, the majority of the Top reported 100 significant rate increases and the positive mood of the bull market benefit. Since the 06. April, the total market capitalization of all crypto was increased, the currencies of 249 billion dollars on a 7 week High of 436 billion dollars in the last night.

The setbacks began on Wednesday morning at 4:30 PM (German time), as the overall market has decreased capitalization of 434 billion dollars to 30 billion, in just two and a half hours. A short Phase of recovery was not sufficient. To the editors of time, the market capitalisation of all crypto falls further currencies, and is currently at a level of 391 billion dollars.

The price decline within the Top 12 Bitcoin to Cash, and IOTA. Both crypto-currencies are currently in a Minus of 15 percent. But also, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Stellar, NEO and Monero recorded double-digit losses:

From our point of view, there is currently no obvious reason, which could have triggered this market behavior. It is conceivable that investors who have particularly suffered greatly under the previous bear market, now want to seek profits following the rapid recovery of the past few days.

It is noticeable that the Bitcoin price needs relatively little springs. After the last day of the Altcoins were marked, investors seem to prefer Bitcoin (as so often) in troubled times. Currently, the BTC price of “only” 2.3 percent in the Minus, and its market share back to about 39.6 percent to expand.

EOS is in addition to TRON, the only crypto-currency in the Top 30, which is for the last 24 hours in the green area. With a Plus of 4.4 percent consume EOS from the significant price increase from yesterday, Tuesday. The price for a EOS is currently 11,61 EUR. The reasons for the EOS rally, we have already reported.

The Launch of the EOS Mainnet is now only 39 days. The expectations of the scalability, speed and functionality of the network are large. In particular, the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) is a consensus method, which appears in the decentralised crypto-world is first of all a bit strange, but some of the benefits. In the framework of the DPOS is a quasi-created a digital democracy through the community of EOS owners who choose the block producers.

Also from yesterday’s Win TRON can be a drain. At a price of 0,56575 Euro is TRON currently, with around 6 percent in the green area for the past 24 hours. Possible reason for yesterday’s price rally of TRON, the addition of the trading pair USD/ TRON on the American cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex was probably. In addition, the Start-up of your own Mainnets is inching closer to TRON. The Migration of the ERC20-Token to the TRON Coin to be made in the period from 22.06 to 24.06.2018.

From our point of view, but there is no reason to panic. A Pullback, as of today, is also in a bull market is normal and is often only a correction of the extreme gains of the previous days. As always, however, can only show the coming hours and days, as the market develops further.

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