Couple from the US was arrested after having sex with husky

d01372728d80247194dd4e14000e66d2 - Couple from the US was arrested after having sex with husky

Aurora – A man from Aurora, Colorado together with his ex-girlfriend was arrested on suspicion of serious animal cruelty. Frederick Blue Manzanares built a sekskamer in the backyard to have sex with his Siberian husky. Also, he would his ex-girlfriend Janette Eileen Solano have been forced to perform sexual acts with the dog.

Frederick Blue Manzanares built a special room in his house to have sex with his husky.

Manzanares and Solano were arrested on the point that there are four suspects, including animal cruelty and neglect. In march 2017 an investigation was set up after Solano declaration of domestic violence.

Solano (48) says to the police that she was under pressure from her then-friend had sex with the dog named Bubba. Manzanares (50) the shed in the garden have been converted to sekskamer.

Videos on laptop

The ex-girlfriend of Manzanares also has told that shortly after the adoption of Bubba videos discovered on the section laptop. The images were of women who had sex with dogs. Solano confronted her former friend with the pictures, and then he would have said that they are there for the open had to face, writes the Denver Post.

Six months has Manzanares and his girlfriend at the time to get used to bestiality. In addition, he spread scents for dogs around the trailer to the Film winding. Also documented himself while he had sex with the husky, police said.

A year after the start of the investigation, the two were arrested. How Bubba the husky is could the police not tell, reports the newspaper.

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