Charles Aznavour unwell in Russia

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Charles Aznavour is Wednesday admitted to a hospital in St. Petersburg. The 93-year-old French singer was unwell during the rehearsal before his concert in the city, report Russian media. What is it exactly wrong, is not clear.

Charles Aznavour

The concert that Aznavour would be in the Oktyabrsky Concert Hall is shifted to next season.

Aznavour is considered to be one of the greatest chansonniers. His career of seventy years, 294 albums and 1200 songs on, including the classics La Bohème, and What Makes a Man. Despite his high age he does still frequently. In march gave Aznavour a concert in AFAS Live in Amsterdam.

The singer, of Armenian origin, hopes next month to 94 to be and has energy, no lack: “I am never to escapades to outside, such as drugs. I’m 45 years ago, stopped smoking. I drink only on occasion. I’m crazy about good food, but I don’t eat too much. And of course I have my parents good genes to thank!”, according to Aznavour, last month.

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