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BTC, IOTA, ETC, XMR, ADA, MONA all-time highs: Possible reasons

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Currently, we are experiencing an incredibly strong bull market, and seems to know virtually no limits. Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum and Ethereum Classic write almost daily new all-time highs, which does not represent, in our opinion, the end of the flag pole. Although Bitcoin will rise, bleed the Altcoins, but attract new investors.

The market capitalisation has exceeded for the first time, the 300 billion Dollar mark, and the volume of trade was about 13 billion as high as ever. The Bitcoin dominance has only increased slightly, so that a total of new fresh capital (Fiat money) has been invested in the crypto-market, which has not just pumped in the Bitcoin.

Normally, there are among the Altcoins always a fall in prices when all the investors will withdraw their capital from the market, and then in Bitcoin investing. This time, it seems to be different: this is A very positive sign and an indication that the Rally could go further.

IOTA reached an all-time high of 0.89 Euro, it was already climbing to the 17.12.2017 to 02:00. The short-term course correction seems to 0.65 Euro overcome, and the signs are also positive. If IOTA can overcome this psychologically important threshold, it could go quite quickly.

Ethereum Classic was gone for some time and it was not to hear much in the media. Since the 23. November flows a large amount of capital from South Korea in the Coin, which led to a new all-time high of 24,87 Euro. Whether this increase is actually a sustainable and healthy natural environment remains to be seen – we remain sceptical.

The Monero Coin, and one of the “privacy Coins” (just like Dash and ZCash), launched on 05.11.2017 at a rate of 74,71 Euro its Rally and was able to double its value, to now more 157,09 Euro. This increase is due, in our view, in a market manipulation or “Pump”, but to the possibility of completely anonymous transactions with this virtual currency.

The Ada Coin (Cardano) put in a strong Rally on the day and has doubled its value within a period of only 5 days (23.11.2017 – today) formerly 0,023 euros to 0,045 euros, almost. The Trend looks positive and the Rally seems to continue unabated. We remain curious whether it’s more steep to the top, or whether a violent price correction will follow.

A Coin that has slipped by a rapid price increase in the Top 30, is the so-called Mona Coin. This Coin is the first Japanese crypto-currency that is mainly used in the Japanese Community wide adaptation. Japan shows itself to be highly innovative in the field of crypto-currency. Not least of all, the headline is doing the rounds, that Japan recognizes the Bitcoin as the official currency.

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