Brian McFadden not more welcome to Westlife

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Shane Filan doesn’t want Brian McFadden ever come back to Westlife. The singer will see the Irish band, now as a four-strong boy band. If the band ever getting back together is McFadden what Filan not welcome anymore.

Brian McFadden

“I have Brian for a good ten years not seen. We are each other simply lost sight of.”, let Shane on The Sun to know. “I have no need to talk to him or bring up memories. We all went on very well with each other and then decided Brian in 2004 to suddenly be with us the way to go. I don’t think there’s ever a reunion with him will come.

Louis Walsh, manager of Westlife, has already once predicted that Westlife ever get back together will come, but without Brian. “It will be than the Fab Four. I want to be a merry band, and four happy people who respect each other.”

Westlife went in 2012 from each other.

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