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BREAKING: Phishing attack on MyEtherWallet

8fb2e6f53eeef458f712d169e0501f3c - BREAKING: Phishing attack on MyEtherWallet

Who crypto-currencies on the page Myetherwallet stores and a Google DNS, you should in the website at the moment to avoid.

As a Post on Twitter, the website, apparently the victim of a Phishing attack. So Unknown hacked their DNS, allowing users to a Google DNS to redirect your Funds at the moment to a Russian Phishing site.

This means that the Google Server is set so that it returns incorrect IP addresses.

As a security measure, the first point is to check the Log in the address. No “https” in the title, it’s probably the Phishing page, which redirects the transmitted Kryptos.

MyEtherWallet Hack live

MyEtherWallet is designed to save both the Ether, the crypto-currency, Ethereum, as well as all of the ERC-20-Token, in the case of ICOs in circulation.

Also have a look to our Live Video:

Update on 24.04.2018 16:39: The originally linked page shows no transactions. From this address have been transferred in a short period of time 215 Ether.

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