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Blockchain in the public sector – invitation to the Asia Pacific Week

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In addition to the Cryptocurrencies, there are also other applications of the Blockchain – this is known. In Supply Chain Management in the energy sector or in the Internet of Things various companies have developed some Use Cases. As, however, in the public sector?

The public sector appears to many as a primarily a conglomerate of different management apparatus. The office of financial and labour offices or of the project, characterised by long shelves, which host a plethora of files, folders, carriers. At first glance it can arise, therefore, in part, to the impression that you are working in government-related institutions, primarily with the paper – in spite of all efforts to the electronic file.

To be fair, have already taken the first steps. Thus, the electronic tax return is now more and more the Standard. Nevertheless, the various government-related institutions that still have a long way to a meaningful e-government work is to tread. The official documents, for example, the tax return or the application for funding, are very complicated and often lead to an error caused longer processing. In different areas of the public administration Software solutions, however, no common Standard exist also. Thus, if the various institutions want to synchronize your data, this mixed-use platforms, efficient work in the way.

With the Blockchain to efficient management

The Blockchain technology can certainly solve each of these problems, but contribute your part to improve the Situation in the public administration. The Blockchain itself may be transparent, and secure data storage as a Basis for the electronic file. Using Smart Contracts, it can simplify the process to make an application or a tax return. Finally, you can use the Blockchain as the Exchange Layer, in order to synchronize different Software platforms with each other.

The latter is no longer a Vision, but it was SAP, in the district of Bolzano, in fact, implemented. Also for the use of the Blockchain as data storage and Smart Contracts to simplify the processes current examples of how the E-Government in Estonia already exist. In a study by March 2017, Deloitte was able to find in the world over 30 Use Cases for the Blockchain in the Governance.

Blockchain Governance, and the public sector

This theme moves according to government-related institutions, at this year’s Asia Pacific Week, it will be an issue. 25. April begins in the context of the Asia Pacific Week conference, “Connecting Startup Cities”.

A discussed topic will be the Blockchain. Various speeches and discussions will fill the afternoon. Regarding the use of the Blockchain technology in the context of the public sector Dr. Philipp Giese of BTC will keep up-to-ECHO a short lecture and then a panel about Blockchain-Governance to participate.

The event is free of charge, so whoever is interested in the intersection of public administration and Blockchain, was invited there to come over!

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