Bibliotheekklanten can year of free movies to stream on

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Customers of Antwerp libraries can from yesterday a year of free movies from the platform stream. The catalogue of Dalton includes mainly documentaries, short films, cinema and films for children and young people. The pilot project must ensure that libraries have a wider audience in the field of film, since only few people are dvd’s to borrow. Also in Bruges, Leuven, Roeselare and Turnhout there are similar pilot projects. is a “video on demand”platform of film Dalton Distribution, in collaboration with several Flemish film festivals. You’ll find documentaries of Docville, short films from the short film Festival Leuven and cinema of the MOOOV film festival. The platform aims to offer an alternative to the large (international) streaming services, which have a more commercial content to offer. Most of the productions in the catalogue are Flemish.

A collaboration with the Flemish government Cultuurconnect and a lot of libraries ensures that bibliotheekklanten in different Flemish cities now unlimited free streaming of, also on mobile devices. “Through this project, expand the libraries, the current dvd collection with a streamingaanbod,” says Antwerp cultuurschepen Caroline Bastiaens (CD&V). “On the one hand the bib via streaming and a wider collection to offer, because not all films appear on dvd. On the other hand, the bis a wider audience, because not everyone has a dvd player.”

All the info to get access to the catalogue of able to If the pilot project is a success shows it is possible to all Flemish libraries is rolled out.

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