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Belgian defender Elias Cobbaut for 5 years to Anderlecht

170025062c1947d7b164145eaf7f520f - Belgian defender Elias Cobbaut for 5 years to Anderlecht

Anderlecht has its third gain almost bite. It is round with defender Elias Cobbaut (20), which for five years can draw. Only want KV Mechelen over 2.5 million for the lefty. Last night was the clubs is still no agreement, but that will not last much longer. Today negotiate them further.

Belgian promise-international Cobbaut had to choice not lack. The 20-year-old full-also could go to Club Brugge or to Racing Genk and Mechelen ended up also a bid from the Italian Genoa. But he had his sights set on the Belgian top and opted eventually for Anderlecht.

Cobbaut had to think about it. Also Genk, where he was two years ago almost ended up, was very interesting and the conversations with the technical director Dimitri de Condé and trainer Philippe Clement were positive. But in Brussels, sounded the discourse of Luc Devroe and trainer Hein Vanhaezebrouck, with whom he already samenzat, also very convincing. And because Anderlecht is still Anderlecht remains and more frequently to the title fight, chose Cobbaut for a transfer to the Astridpark. There is also a lack of linksvoetige defenders. In addition, he can both centrally in the rear if the flank be used and there is a five-year contract ready for him.

Last night were the boards of both clubs are still around the table: Olivier Somers, the new strong man of KV, compared to Marc Coucke, the new strong man of RSCA. KV hopes to more than 2.5 million euros from the fire to drag-and-so was a deal not yet found. But rapprochement is there for sure. That Anderlecht will doorduwt and Cobbaut getting fixed.

His arrival does mean, however, that Ivan Obradovic additional competition if he was at Anderlecht. It also implies that Olivier Deschacht is likely to stop. Question is whether Devroe next Cobbaut than a linksvoetige central defender will pick up. Antonio Milic of Ostend was already mentioned and Devroe was also watching Senna Miangue of Cagliari.

Cobbaut is preparing in the meantime, already, after Makarenko and Abazaj the third wintertransfer of Anderlecht. He trained in Mechelen with a small group and also works individually. That he so quickly clarity can have on his future, is ideal. So he may be in the preparation for next season just to connect.

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