Antonio Banderas takes himself under the microscope

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#MeToo felt Antonia Banderas is forced to put his own behaviour in front of women on a film under the microscope.

Antonio Banderas

“Everyone thinks about it after,” says the actor. “I find that I am always neatly’ve worn compared to my opponents and other people on the set. I think that many men now need to look critically at their behavior around women, and that is something good.”

Banderas was furious when he heard that his good friend Salma Hayek was also abused by film producer Harvey Weinstein during the production of a movie in which Banderas also played. “It was very important for me to be with her to talk about it,” says the actor. “We are very good friends, and I didn’t know it. I had to know.”

“They almost bursting into tears, and she said,” I wanted you just to protect. I wanted you not to force to a man with so much power to confront. The reason is that I my friends wanted to protect.’”

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