’Ant McPartlin year not on tv’

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Fans of Ant and Dec still have to wait a while; according to Stephen Mulhern is Ant McPartlin this years back on tv.

Ant McPartlin has now need a rest to recover

The 41-year-old Stephen Muller, who in the successful show of Saturday Night Takeaway Ant and Dec the part Ant vs Dec presents, talked with Best and said: “Hopefully it will Ant get the treatment he needs and he is back next year his old self. He has now need rest and time for themselves.

A spokesperson for the 42-year-old McPartlin told the Daily Mail that no one is clear how long Ant of the tube. “No one knows how long Ant treatment will be and how long he will no longer work. He should take the time he needs. Work discuss, we do not agree with him. Our only priority is that he’ll get better.”


Ant McPartlin caused on march 18 in a car accident when he was drink behind the wheel. He was given a hefty fine of 86.000 pounds and banned from driving for twenty months. Shortly afterward, he left the popular British tv presenter to a rehab for his alcohol addiction.

It is not the first time that he is looking for some help: last summer he was included in a rehab because of his addiction to painkillers. At the beginning of this year he put a point behind his marriage, which is however also not without a fight.

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