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Ann Wauters must rest stop

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Ann Wauters continues to struggle with the knee. Our compatriot was on december 30, surgery on the meniscus of her left knee, but that is not all the pain disappeared. She is struggling with cartilage in the same knee. A new surgery is not necessary, sufficient rest seems to be the solution.

The 37-year-old Wauters came last weekend, not in action with her Turkish team Yakin Dogü during the Final Four of the EuroLeague in the Hungarian Sopron and then withdrew to Belgium, to Bruges additional research to undergo from knee.

“Like many players at the end of their career, Ann has suffered from cartilage in her knee,” explained head coach Philip Mestdagh. “The most important thing for her is to take a rest before its rehabilitation to start. Then the muscles around her knee to be strengthened to get the knee ready to make contact during races or training sessions.”

Wauters is working towards the world cup with the Belgian Cats in Tenerife (22-30 september), the first world CHAMPIONSHIP ever for the Belgian women.

Without our compatriot was Yakin Dogü fourth and last in the Final Four of the EuroLeague. For Wauters was the twelfth time that the Final Four took in her career. Four times she won the gold.

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