American serial killer arrested after search of 42 years

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After a search of more than forty years is the American police Wednesday managed a 72-year-old serial killer to arrest. The former policeman would be 12 murders and at least 50 rapes on his conscience.

The now elderly man terrorized in the seventies and eighties, including Sacramento, the capital of the state of California. Also in the southern part of the state, he made several victims.

The perpetrator became known as the ‘Golden State Killer, the nickname of California. But he was also the “East Area Rapist and the Original Night Stalker”. Detectives called the murders that he committed ” the most horrible things she ever had to investigate’.

After 42 years, he is still exposed. The serial killer now appears to be Joseph James DeAngelo to be called, is now 72 years old and lived all this time still in Sacramento. The officers were able to verify the identity of the perpetrator, confirmed by his DNA material to compare with the traces on the crime scenes were collected. All that time they had only some vague robotfoto’s, made on the basis of, inter alia, a woman who managed to escape.

DeAngelo was arrested and can not bail released. He was already two murders charged.

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