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All crypto currencies: is the bubble Bursting now?

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Whether it’s Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cash, or other Altcoins – there seems to be a large correction. The only Coin that keeps relatively stable, Ripple. This has, however, also occurred in the meantime, a price drop of 25%. We are now at the end of the crypto market?

The price trends of the last few days and weeks were strongly driven by the Hype and many of the Coins experienced price increases of more than 100%. This could not go on forever and the market will continue to experience a strong pullback was very likely. Currently, the appropriate course is to adapt all the Coins in the swing, which can be up to 80%.

The following figure shows that in the past there were several corrections, some with a drop in the bitcoin price by up to 80%.

It seems as if many investors could have considerable shares in the crypto market, have withdrawn from the market and took profits. The market capital capitalisation was yesterday, about $ 600 billion, and is currently (11:20), just 524 billion dollars.

Probably, many media are spreading the rumor that “the bubble burst” and/or other similar statements. In our opinion, a correction takes place, however, was already long overdue.

For both new or Day Trader, the current market offers good opportunities to cheap to buy or to get a foot in the market. Whether it goes further downhill, or the market bounces back soon, the next few days. After a major correction has positioned itself in the market, always new, to be then an even stronger Rally.

Very likely, the Bitcoin Futures play a crucial role in the Changes of the market. Also conceivable is a scenario in which the bets on a decline in price of Bitcoin, and large investors, according to capital from the market to exactly this Situation trigger would be. But these are only pure speculation and no source confirmed.

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