Albert Verlinde wants back on tv

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Albert Verlinde hopes for a comeback on television. In the summer of 2016, he took after fifteen years, goodbye on RTL Boulevard, a new step in his career. But now he misses the tv-maker.

Albert Verlinde

“It is a box what I have and I have the last time something: I find it weird that the whole box, not to speak,” says Verlinde in the ochtendshow of Lex Gaarthuis on Radio 10. “I am now, for example, often when Peacock and home cooked apple pie to something better. And then I think: yes, I can, and this is my box.” Verlinde does not exclude that he will soon be back on the tube appears. “RTL call ever, John de Mol calls ever, and the public broadcasting call ever. So there will really come a time that I have something to go do on tv. A year ago I said no. And now I know it so just not yet. Well that says it all enough.”

Preliminary deposit Verlinde, general manager and producer, completely on his work for Stage Entertainment. “On the evening before my birthday we were at The Lion King the one-millionth visitor welcome. That I find really incredible.”

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