Access to Europe is 7 euros in costs

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BRUSSELS – Access to one of the 26 Schengen countries in future 7 euro costs. Adults from countries without visa requirements for the vrijreizenzone must first be online to submit an application. The trip does not go through if the application is rejected after a check through databases.

The EU member states have Wednesday, a political agreement on the so-called European travel information and authorisation system (ETIAS) confirmed. ,,As we before their arrival at the border to know who is to the EU, we will be better able to those that pose a threat to our citizens,’ said Valentin Radev, minister of Home Affairs of permanent EU president, Bulgaria.

The measure should also be illegal immigration, risk to public health’s and delays at borders counteract. Air – and carriers need to go check that travellers have been allowed. Three years after the introduction that obligation also apply to carriers of groups by coach transport.

The development of more than 200 million euro and the annual costs of an estimated eur 85 million, according to the European Commission amply covered by the revenues. The measure will apply for the 1.4 billion inhabitants of the about sixty countries which are exempted from the visa requirement for the EU, like the US, Canada, Malaysia, Paraguay.

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