Abou Jahjah’s not happy with foot on qur’an

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ANTWERP – The Belgian-Lebanese writer Dyab Abou Jahjah must be a complaint against the new book of ex-Miss Belgium and Vlaams belang-politician Anke Van dermeersch. On the cover is the Flemish with her heels on the qur’an.

In the book ’A. N. K. E. #PolitiekIncorrect’ says Van dermeersch about her strong bond with Filip Dewinter and she reveals more juicy gossip about politicians and well-known Flemish people. Also islam is well represented. “If I feminists, the wearing of a headscarf hear to defend… that is not me in”, said the politician in an interview.

According to Abou Jahjah schoffeert the book a whole community and the anti-racism and anti-discriminatiewetten at different points violation, reports

Especially with the cover, in which the politician ’islam is a heel turn”, he has trouble. Abou Jahjah: “The qur’an is a holy book, that place is not under a shoe.”


Abou Jahjah also points out that Van dermeersch and her party “for years, the muslim community schofferen and incitement to hatred.” He warns that the book – which according to the writer, provocative and offensive – can be dangerous. “It can attract the attention of extremists in other countries, with the danger that they are here, young people are radicalizing and recruiting.”

It is, according to him, unique in the world that such a book is published by a well-known figure and politician. “Elsewhere, to such books by eccentrics written.”

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