YouTube knew 8 million movies in 3 months

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MOUNTAIN VIEW – YouTube has in the last three months of 2017, more than eight million videos worldwide removed. They did not comply with the rules of the site. It was mainly spam and porn. It is the first time that YouTube with such figures. YouTube doesn’t track how many deleted videos from the Netherlands came.

YouTube used the last months more artificial intelligence to the wrong movies to track down. Approximately 6.7 million of the deleted videos were by such smart systems is found, and not by people. And of those 6.7 million movies was three-quarters of all deleted before anyone could see them.

YouTube also removes videos that people calls to violent extremism, including jihadism. More than half of all the films was less than ten times looking at when they were deleted. Beginning 2017 gold for only 8 percent of all those movies.

The video service, a subsidiary of Google, wants to now, every quarter to bring out how much is removed. YouTube wants later also track how many comments under the videos are deleted and how long it took for something was removed. Users can later see what YouTube has done with video’s that they have logged in.

YouTube has over a billion users. They upload every minute more than 400 hours of material. It is not known how many videos in total online.

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