Waylon is losing ground with bookmakers

f47432e48df67e254e8a36a6bb19930e - Waylon is losing ground with bookmakers

The European bookmakers keep becoming less and less account with a songfestivaloverwinning of Waylon. His song Outlaw In ‘Em this week at an average fourteenth place, as appears from the quotations of the various bookmakers. The bookmakers do expect the Dutchman to the grand final on 12 may.

With still 2.5 weeks to go before the contest starts in Portugal state of Israel with singer Netta Barzilai still proud to head. Her song Toy, inspired by the #metoo-discussion, since march 11, favourite with the bookies. The song, which Barzilai various kipgeluiden produces, is one of the most notable entries this year.

Other popular entries are from Bulgaria, the Czech republic, Australia and France. The Eurovision song contest takes place this year on 8, 10 and 12 may.

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