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Vitsolutions works at the first international crypto-currency Bank

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We live in a time in which the world is changing quickly, and all processes are accelerated.

Useful discoveries allow people to be independent, to find more resources and time for the realization of their wishes and possibilities to be engaged in favourite Hobbies, as well as communicate with friends and colleagues easier. The possibilities of the human spirit are so far from their exhaustion and there are still so many inventions, to make mankind in the future.

The future of humanity with new technologies

The 21. Century is a new world, the development of Internet networks. The Internet allows for fast and continuous connection in real time. This has changed the way of human interaction forever. In the future most of the human activities with the help of digital technologies, including the Blockchain technology will take place.

This is also true for the financial sector, as the current Situation in this sector satisfies the demand of its global customers, which is every year becoming greater. The main problem is the difficult access to these services. Our project includes the development of new cryptographic technologies and their Integration into the existing financial and banking system.

In addition, the implementation of this project will enable fast transactions in real time and without extra fees in the Ecosystem. This Ecosystem has been developed by our Team of “World Bit Bank”, and is based on the Blockchain technology.

So there is a fundamental question: How the digital, financial and blockchain-based technologies cost-effective real-time can provide money transfer?

Current Demands on the market

Earlier instruments in the money transfer need to the presence of banks and systems such as Visa, SWIFT, and others. In 1998 PayPal was founded System that improved the Transfer of money transactions over the Internet. As a result, there was a Bank structure for the conduct of monetary transactions based on four components, sometimes even to the eight components.

Namely: A Bank that issued plastic cards and their service offering. A Bank that owns the ATM will be accepted in which the plastic card. A plastic card service companies and, ultimately, a business. This structure is very labor intensive, since each component of this chain accepts the payment for the Transfer of the transaction by your System.

In the current Situation, this System is outdated. As an Alternative, a Blockchain System was developed based on the functionality of Open Source Code. Today, it is impossible to develop a System of money transaction exchange without digital technology, and crypto-currency, and without a digital ID, which is an essential part of this process. For this reason, the crypto-currency will play in the new world of Finance a decisive role.

New Team for the challenge

The founder of open company “Vitsolutions” and a Team of like-minded and dedicated people, which he has collected, have been developing for more than two years, the project of the first international crypto-currency Bank under the brand “World Bit Bank” (WBB). Start-up and implementation of this project in the current financial world to be active participants in the new financial world, in a world that is decentralized, mobile, and thanks to the Blockchain technology be protected, in a world in which you earn a little without having to go out of your house and without having to leave their friends and favorite activities for a long time. Thus, everyone happier, freer, and more independent.

WBB represents the concept in the following Video:

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