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Turkey gets a competitor to organization of Euro 2024

3ed88e0b01a0a6a2f3e974bfc5723127 - Turkey gets a competitor to organization of Euro 2024

The German football association DFB has Tuesday at the headquarters of the European football body UEFA in the Swiss Nyon its bid book submitted for the organization of the european CHAMPIONSHIPS 2024. Germany has as the only competitor to the tournament within Turkey. UEFA cuts on 27 september, the knot.

“We have a bid book submitted for a perfectly organized tournament,” said DFB president Reinhard Grindel in Nyon. “It is for the UEFA an excellent opportunity to bring European football to develop further. EURO 2024 in the heart of Europe will ensure that the fans of their team in optimal conditions can support.”

Germany organized the european CHAMPIONSHIP once in 1988. The country was still split into West and East Germany. The tournament was hosted by West Germany. For competitor Turkey would be the first time that the country has an EK to organise. The Turks presented themselves all three times before candidate, but bites every time in the sand.

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